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Meet The Team

N'ikola Marseille

Founder | Bartender | The Boss

He/She/They  |        Safe For Work

N'ikola is a well mannered Miqo'te raised among The Pillars of Ishgard. While shy and rather traditional, they are open minded and charismatic when comfortable, and carries themselves with a sense of élan. This one is gifted with the sense of experiencing art between words, thus enjoying the spice of life- rather literally.

Say the name of a Spring flower and they'll make you something special.

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Ereshkigal Sama

Manager | Bartender | Bouncer


Hailing from Lakeland, Eres is a gentle soul with a love for booze flowers, and pictures. When he's not taking photos he strolling around Norvrant smelling the flowers and enjoying the views the world around him has to offer.


He is also a very experienced bartender with vast knowledge for various drinks. So if there's something that fancies your taste, feel free to ask! Do be warned though, if you irritate this kitty you might not be able to find your way home.


Amarilys "Lily" Rue

Manager | Server | Bartender


Miss Rue has built quite a name for herself in Ul'dah whether it be from her striking appearance, or that she inherited a large sum of wealth from a former Syndicate member. 

Formerly a courtesan among the wealthiest Ul'dahn elites, Rue now spends her days working at her fashion haus, overseeing her dye-making empire, or merely relaxing in one of her many estates. She loves to brag about her accomplishments whether big or small, however she is happy to lend an ear to her customers who visit her at the bar. 

Outgoing, empathetic, and well versed to listening to others, Rue is always happy to spark conversation about most anything.

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