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Rules of Etiquette

You're here to have a good time, we're all here to have a good time, so we have a few rules. Some are lines that customers and staff are absolutely not allowed to cross, others are suggestions that you will be asked to adjust for. 

The Foxglove is situated in the home of our Free Company, not everyone who is in the FC works the venue, and not everyone is comfortable with roleplay. You are free to explore the house to your hearts content, but remain out of the private rooms, as these are sanctuaries for free company members and keep in mind the uniform colour for those working is regal purple.

Prohibited Behavior
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.. If you are a person who participates in any of these on the regular, do not come here. 

  • Underage characters, players or content. This is an 18+ venue due to a variety of adult activities, from drinking to gambling. This rule comes with nuance so for other adult content please refer to our policy of service. 

  • Harassments of any kind. Harassment's of patrons or staff will get you kicked to the curb.

  • Public ERP, or advertising ERP. Additional chambers are off limits.

Policies of service

  • Please use party chat in groups. Specifically in groups of 4 or more. /say is welcome when interacting with people outside of your group. 

  • Please keep /say chat flirty at the most. We get it, we may not provide NSFW services but sometimes someone is just- super cute. Keep those juicy details to yourselves in /tell or /party, granted all parties involved consent. You can always go to a second location later!

  • No shirt, no shoes, no service. Clothing is required, as above we are an 18+ SFW venue, keep it classy- okay? 

  • Be an adult. More than just age-wise, treat others and their RP moments with proper respect. 

  • If you have an issue, please tell us! We dedicate ourselves to solving problems and creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere. 

Suggestions from the staff for fun things

  • If you wish to advertise your venue, run it by N'ikola first. He might let you put a flyer on our board. This is different from affiliation, as it is unofficial and is more lenient. It is similar to affiliation in that it is open to any and all venues. 

  • Streaming is welcome, but please respect the privacy of patrons. Not everyone wants to get stream sniped and The Foxglove encourages asking for consent to stream peoples characters. Please switch nameplates to hidden or Initials. We ask you cover chat, but as its an RP venue we really won't make you- just let us know. We do ask however to be absolutely certain to mute performance to protect you and our bards from DMCA strikes. 

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