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Feeling lucky?

Universal rules

  • Please party up with a dealer so not to disrupt chat or other games.
  • ​Dealers will take a cut of the pot as payment to the house. 
  • Dealer will moderate games to ensure they are being played fairly.
    When you place a bet you are agreeing to the rules of the game you are playing.
/Random + /random (number - Rolls a random number in /say radius
/dice + /dice (number) - Rolls a random number in selected chat channel or radius.


With this game, 35,000g is required to participate. The bartender will prepare shots and then roll /random 20. If a player rolls higher than the bartender, they skip their drink and earn a point, roll lower and you take a shot. Whoever is still sober by the end of the game gets 50% of the pot. 

High and low


Bet minimum: 200k

In a Deathroll the first player will (/random) and the second player will (/random #) based on the result of the first player's roll, the first player will then roll (/random #) based on the second players roll. The game will continue back and forth like this until one of them loses the game by rolling a 1.

For Groups
for a group the dealer will roll first using /dice, then players roll once from that number. House will then choose the lowest roll and then roll from there, and so forth. First one to 1 looses that round. Then theres a round for each remaining player until there is two players left. Those two players then death roll as usual. Winner at the end gets the pot.



You know the rules
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