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A lovely list of affiliations! Please visit them. 


Horns and Heels

Owners: Seijiro and Kiki Sedori
Hours: Mondays/Fridays, 10PM EST - 2AM EST
Location: Primal Ultros | Lavender Beds | Ward 7, Plot 3

Horns & Heels is an 18+ ERP venue that offers private, intimate services as well as just a warm and friendly place to lounge and hang out with staff and fellow patrons. The venue features a bar, dance floor, dedicated spa, various places to sit and unwind, and 12 (and counting) private rooms! If you're looking to escape for awhile, one of our lovely staff can whisk you away to one of the rooms - whether it's one of two private dance rooms, a themed bedroom, or even Seijiro's infamous office. Come spend the night with us~!

Heartlily Louinge

Heartlily Lounge is a speakeasy-styled lounge. We're a LGBTQ+ friendly SFW venue, and work to create a welcoming and comforting environment for all. If you're looking to relax, roleplay, or just spend time to yourself with some excellent music, come join us for the evening with a cold drink. Or try your hand on stage!


Owner: Miriam Heartlily
Hours: Sunday/Mondays | 10 PM to 1 AM CST | 11 PM to 2 AM EST
Location: Primal│Lamia│Gob│Ward 25│Plot 8

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